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In this episode of Cash Flow Pro, we talk with Samuel Sells, CEO of Wild Mountain Capital. Samuel is a retired Air Force officer that worked in construction for several years. He eventually began to combine his real estate experience when in service and decided he could start a business that could positively impact communities.

Samuel saw the need for this type of entrepreneurship after his travels all over Afghanistan, Africa, Sub Saharan Africa. Today, he has a history of success in developing and building sustainable and repeatable systems overcoming many of the critical drivers of financial and social poverty. He developed skills in innovative Business Planning, Operations Management, International Relations, Management, Entrepreneurship, and Policy Analysis. Let’s hear what he says about real estate and its potential for positive impact!

Wild Mountain Capital’s goal is to simultaneously create a positive impact and a great ROI. Its real estate syndications are health initiatives that operate in a capitalistic paradigm, taking neglected assets and turning them into a housing that someone is proud to call home. These investments enable passive investors to build long-term wealth while leaving a positive impact.