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After years of success travelling across the globe and to some of the most impoverished areas, Sam Zells has seen poverty and the lack of safe housing with his own eyes. With his exposure to this not-so-good side, he started to envision turning these issues around to make a change. This is what fuelled Sam to pursue a career on real estate and to help make great communities!

  • Problem solving as the greatest skill he learned that propelled his career
  • Sam talks about “People being the solution”
  • Overcoming obstacles to close a deal on a 245 Unit Apt Complex
  • Advantages of having your own development/construction arm
  • Construction as a value adding tool to real estate investments

Connect with Sam:

About Our Guest:

Sam is a retired US Air Force officer and combat veteran who founded Wild Mountain Capital in 2018 with his hero dad. Sam travelled globally with US Air Force Special Operations as an International Health Specialist and saw poverty and a lack of safe housing while leading complex rehab and development projects worldwide. This motivated Sam to start Wild Mountain to transform neglected, unsafe, and mismanaged assets not just into “affordable housing”, but into housing that is affordable. The Wild Mountain team has 60+ years of commercial and residential real estate experience over 75+ projects individually. Since 2019, the team has syndicated 20 development /rehab properties, creating equity growth nearly twice the initial investment in less than two years. Projects include mobile home communities, apartment complexes, and self storage facilities.